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"When I started seeing Dr. Hanania in 2003, my mouth was a mess.  I had crooked teeth, lots of fillings, and gum disease.  I had bad teeth and gums for most of my life.  Even after wearing braces for 5 years in my mid-twenties, my teeth became crooked again after about 10 years.


I had begun treatment for my gum disease when I developed a bad headache that lasted for about 2 months with little relief.  I had several tests through my medical doctor, but in the end it was Dr. Hanania who diagnosed my problem: I was a teeth clencher and had TMD.


To solve my bite problem, I underwent a long process of having crowns on all but one of my teeth, and having a night guard made, which I wear nightly.  Since I had my teeth crowned and wear the night guard, I have not had headaches and I have no pain in my jaw from clenching my teeth.  Plus, I have beautiful, straight, white teeth, and 100% plus improved smile!  Dr. Hanania resized and reshaped my teeth so that they are more feminine, and his attention to detail made for a perfect smile.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!"


- PT. Colleen Mitchel

"My smile was limited to a “CLOSED LIP GRIN”, until you improved it.  Thank You!!"


-PT. Robert Fitzgerald

"I am a patient of Dr. Sam Hanania and have been for 6 years.  When I started this journey with Dr. Sam, my teeth and gums were in horrible condition and my home care was little to nonexistent.


Dr. Sam and his Team educated me on the great importance of good Dental Hygiene.  I learned that disease of the teeth and gums could have a direct relation to other diseases elsewhere in the body.

I did not consider dental fees as an expense, but rather an investment to my overall health.  The valuable education I received from Dr. Sam and his Team was easily worth much more than the fees I paid.

My new smile and attitude says it all!!


I appreciate all the hard work Dr. Sam did on my teeth and a debt of gratitude especially to his Team.  I feel blessed having traveled this journey with Dr. Sam and his Team of Angels."


- PT. Margaret Burgess

"I am not sure why people are afraid to go to the dentist, especially if their dentist is Dr. Sam Hanania.  My experience with Dr. Hanania could not have been any better.  His Team is polite and knowledgeable.  They all perform their jobs with great skill and compassion.  As for Dr. Hanania, just look in the dictionary for perfectionist, you’ll find his picture there.  His work is immaculate.  My confidence in his abilities as a dentist is a ten (perfect of course).  I could not be happier with the work he has done for me.  There is no question you are in good hands with Dr. Hanania."


- PT. Nancy Jaghab

'My experience with Dr. Hanania and his Team has been almost as pleasurable as the benefits of my new cosmetic dental work.  The obvious change in my teeth and smile was unbelievable when the before and after pictures were compared.  Dr. Hanania’s excellence in his field is not only evidence through his expertise, but also in the excellence he instills through his Team.  I’ve heard that service is absent in the medical profession this is certainly not true of Dr. Hanania and his practices philosophy."


- PT. Debbie Stokes



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